Must-See Video: Standing ovation for Cenk Ugyur’s defense of ethics over cynics (Update from Wolf-PAC!)

By Vince Wallace, TC|TW editor

Nemeses are fun.  Nemeses are useful.  Success in this world is difficult to acquire, and even more difficult to maintain.  Everyone needs a good nemesis to keep them on their toes.  For example, Superman has Lex Luthor (and an unequivocally bad-ass new Lex, at that).  Maddow has PolitiFact.  And Cenk Ugyur of The Young Turks has…well, he has quite a few.
The most recent iteration of Cenk’s burn list includes none other than conservative-media hustler Bill O’Reilly on the right and on the so-called “left” the political bloggers at Wonkette.  I wish it weren’t the case with O’Reilly.  I don’t much care for the exchanges since they give that blowhard yet more airtime on someone else’s platform that they’ve worked tirelessly to build.  It’s media welfare, unnecessary and undeserved.   But while the exposure is regrettable, responding to O’Reilly is a necessity when so many people swallow his act hook, line and sinker.  I’ve had to do it myself.  It makes you feel like you’ve taken on a job as a teacher grading papers written by chimpanzees.  You know it’s not going be pretty but you just grit your teeth, push through and get it done.
Contrast that with the back and forth between Cenk and Wonkette over whether it’s even worth bothering to pursue ethics reform, which is a feud so compelling I just couldn’t help but sit on my ass and blog about it:
As Cenk explains in the inspired segment below, Wolf PAC is a project aimed at getting money out of politics via constitutional amendment.  I suppose it was named Wolf PAC to evoke the image of the lone-wolf and reinforce that they are standing alone.  But that’s not really the case.  Along with Wolf-PAC, other groups like Move to Amend are organizing a people’s movement to act as the white blood cells in a corrupt political body.  And there are many Americans, including myself who think it’s definitely about time.  White blood cells are good, right?  Who wouldn’t want a healthy, functional American democracy?  I guess some (wo)men just want to watch the world burn.
I haven’t had much occasion to read Wonkette since The Hairpin and Caity Weaver’s Gawker posts are my preferred sources of women’s perspective and pop-feminist snark.  But I’ve been watching The Young Turks on and off since the program aired on MSNBC.  I watch them everyday now that they’re the #1 news program on the net.  They’re pulling more views than anyone with an impressive and expanding programming line-up on  TYT Network primarily because viewers want to watch news delivered by people who say what they actually think rather than what they’re told to think.  Their relentlessly honest and occasionally chaotic brand remains an inspiring counterpoint to the diluted orchestration pumped out by American news media.
The Young Turks airs live Monday-Friday 5pm-7pm Central time via webstream on their YouTube channel.  Today they’ll be up against the President’s speech during the March on Washington anniversary.  But as soon as he’s finished you better believe TYT is where I’ll go for reaction.  I recommend the show to anyone tired of being lied to by their own television screens.
Update – The day after I posted this article I received the following incredible email from Wolf PAC.  Lend your support by making the call to State Sen. Delgado (northside – Armitage Ave) and visit and send them a message.  Don’t forget to sign the petition!
It has been confirmed that Illinois will be joining many other states in the next legislative session by introducing a Resolution to call for a national Convention of the States to deal with the influence of money in our political process!  This is very exciting news and your amazing State Director Richard “Deezle” Lake, along with Chris Barnhill, have been putting a lot of effort into making this happen. Now it’s up to you to make sure our Resolution gets the support it needs in the Illinois Statehouse.
The first step is to call Senator Delgado and THANK HIM.
Simply say:
” I am a citizen of Illinois and I just wanted to thank Senator Delgado for agreeing to sponsor a Resolution calling for a national Convention of the States to fix ‘money in politics’ and our election process.  There is not a more important issue in America today and Senator Delgado is a true patriot for taking action to fix it.  You will most likely be leaving a message with a staffer or answering machine. (it matters!) If they ask it’s perfectly fine to say you volunteer with Wolf PAC.
Senator William Delgado District Phone:  (773) 292-0202
Making this one incredibly easy call today will go a long way to making sure that Senator Delgado knows people in Illinois care about the issue of money in politics and appreciate it when somebody takes a bold stand to fix it. 
And please respond to this email to let me know you made the call, I’ll keep a tab of how many calls we made and report our progress back to you!
– Mike
Mike Monetta
Director of Organizing


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