Event: Illinois Trade Coalition meeting on Trans-Pacific Partnership Wed 12/18

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Trade Networking In the Asia Pacific is set to be fast-tracked but will it leave workers and consumers behind? (Photo credit: Third Way)


The ILLINOIS TRADE COALITION and many cooperating organizations are encouraging everyone who can possibly make it to come to an EMERGENCY MEETING on the TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP which could be FAST-TRACKED AS SOON AS NEXT WEEK.  The meeting is being held at the OVERFLOW COFFEE BAR AUDITORIUM, 1550 S. State, Chicago on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2013, doors open at 6:30 p.m, presentation starts at 7:00 p.m., and JOSH WISE,  Executive  Director of the Illinois Trade Coalition with discuss the urgency of fighting this agreement and what you/we can do about it. Even if it’s fast-tracked, which would be terrible in and of itself, we still want you to come to find out what’s involved, how it affects you, what we can do about it, as well as its sister agreement soon to be snuck in, called the TRANS ATLANTIC FREE TRADE AGREEMENT.




There is a lot of information here, but we urge you to take the time and read it.  You will be shocked.  It was compiled by Terry Grace of Move to Amend:

Emergency meeting on the fast-tracking of the trans pacific partnership.

·         We face a global corporate threat for control of our government and country.  It’s the most important issue of our time that you have never heard anything about!

·         The extent of this power-grab is unprecedented, and it is called the Trans Pacific Partnership (or the TPP).  It has been called “NAFTA on steroids.”

·        The negotiating process should have been transparent, but it has been opaque.  Negotiations are actually classified and have not even included in any Congressional or public input or over-sight.  There has been no transparency. Fortunately, there have been leaks that indicate it could be a disaster for the citizens of our country.   The information we do have suggests an agreement is being developed that is hard to fathom as real.  That our government would work to pass a trade agreement so outrageous is very difficult to comprehend.  Yet, available information indicates that it is true. 

·         The TPP would establish a free trade zone with 12 countries from Vietnam to Chile, encompassing almost 40% of the global economy and 30% of global trade. 

·         While the treaty has been negotiated behind closed doors by more than 600 advisers (mostly corporate lawyers) from the world’s largest corporations, including Halliburton and Monsanto, our elected representatives and the broader public have been kept in the dark. 

·         The treaty impacts on our own government’s authority to control work and food safety regulations, environmental standards, financial regulation, energy and climate policy (including mining and fracking regulations), patent policies on pharmaceuticals, and internet regulations.

·        Other trade agreements have resulted in moving more jobs over-seas and wage depression.  The TPP could accelerate that process.  The TPP appears to be mostly for the benefit the biggest multi-national corporations and the super-rich. 

·         This agreement is opposed by environmental organizations, trade unions, organic food producers, internet rights groups, libertarians, progressives, concerned citizens, and non-for-profit organizations of all sorts.

·         The agreement includes its very own judicial process with judges chosen from a pre-established pool of lawyers (thought to be the same corporate lawyers involved in these negotiations).

·          The decisions of this court will not be able to be appealed by any country, including the United States. 

·         Any regulations that impact on anticipated profits would be grounds for a lawsuit brought by corporations against governments.  This has already happened with NAFTA and the WTO for hundreds of millions of dollars.  Reports are that it would be much worse with the TPP! 

·         Once in place, if a country wished to opt out of the agreement, it would require the assent of all the signatory countries to the agreement! 


·         The administration feels (probably accurately) that this trade agreement will only pass via a method called “Fast-Tracking.”   That means it goes to Congress for limited debate and only an “up or down” vote.

·          No amendments or changes of any kind are allowed.  There would be limited opportunity for Congressional (let alone public) scrutiny, discussion, or input about the TPP.  This is contrary to the principles of democracy.  We need transparency!

·          We need to prevent the Fast Tracking of this agreement, and allow it to be thoroughly reviewed and amended as necessary by Congress.  Fast Tracking means Congress will give up the right to thoroughly review and/or amend the trade agreement. 

·         The pressure from the world’s largest corporations on Congress to fast-track this agreement is immense.  Action needs to be taken soon.  An article in the New York Times suggests that a vote could occur at any time!

·         Please take the time to call Congress People at (202- 224-3121) and tell them to VOTE NO on FAST TRACKING THE TPP.  Or even better, get on their websites and write them a letter of opposition to fast tracking.  Feel free to adapt this note to your purposes, but please personalize it in some fashion.  

·         Focus on our sovereignty and the Constitutionality of Congress’ role in trade agreements.   Let’s work to protect our Rights.

 If you want more detail on this, please watch:                                                                                    

this interview with Lori Wallach, Director of Public Citizens Global Trade Watch here: http://www.democracynow.org/2013/10/4/a_corporate_trojan_horse_obama_pushes#

or this Bill Moyers interview:  Baker & Smith on Moyers:


 or check out these websites:  flushthetpp.org and citizenstrade.org/ctc.

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