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Get to know Mayor Candidate Chuy Garcia Sunday, March 8th

Calling all real Chicagoans! 

My friends and I at TYT Chicago have been working for some time to give as many of us interested in the future of the city the opportunity to meet Commissioner Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia before the runoff ballots are cast on April 7.  He shocked the world by forcing the runoff, but a lot of people still don’t feel they “know” him yet.  So here’s a chance to get acquainted. 

What’s TYT Chicago? 

We’re just a group of progressive folks around town who get together because we’re fans of The Young Turks news show. Our motto is: “Liberty, Fraternity, and Deep Dish Pizza!”  We’re politically literate, and interested in the future of the country and our city.  But mostly we like to relax and have fun together, and occasionally play with medieval swords.


Okay, but why Chuy? 

A lot of us are upset with the distorted priorities Rahm Emanuel has brought to the Mayor’s office and would like to see a change.  As potentially Chicago’s first ever Latino mayor, Chuy Garcia:

– Is a veteran of the Harold Washington administration
– Understands that Chicago’s neighborhoods have to be at the center of the city’s future
– Doesn’t believe in benefiting supporters over citizens by privatizing city functions
– Supports public education, believes in Chicago’s teachers AND it’s students

If you’d like to join us Sunday, March 8th we will be at Pequod’s Pizza from 12:30 pm and Chuy is scheduled to arrive at 3pm.

I’m sending this message to my friends who are activists, organizers, artists, musicians, teachers, entrepreneurs, social enterprisers, tech innovators…in other words the HEART of what this city is.  I want to give the candidate a chance to meet the people who are changing Chicago for the better everyday and give you the chance to tell him how you’re doing it.

So, please join us and feel free to forward this on to email lists and invite anyone you feel might be interested.  And if you’re really hot to help Chuy Garcia you can come out with us on Saturday to help at his campaign office at 6306 S Woodlawn Ave.  But mostly, I’d just love to see as many of us as possible come out, have a slice, and help get the city that works back on track again.

Hope to see you there.

P.S. If you’re thinking you might come PLEASE rsvp at the Facebook link.  Thanks!